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Old Syllabi

Graduate Courses:

International Trade I (Ph.D.)
International Trade II [alt version] (Ph.D.)
Political Economy of International Trade and Competition Policy (Ph.D.)

Microeconomic Theory, II: Competitive Equilibrium Analysis (Ph.D.)
Modern Political Economy (Ph.D.)
Political Economy of the Multinational Firm (M.B.A)
International Economics (M.B.A.)
Management of Economic Development (M.B.A.)

Undergraduate Courses:

World Economy (Fr., Soph.)
Introduction to Political Economy (Soph., Jr.)
International Trade (Jr., Sr.)
Economics and Policymaking (Jr., Sr.)
Comparative and International Political Economy
Game Theory and Social Choice (Jr., Sr.)
The Economics of Asymmetric Information and Incentives (Jr., Sr.)

Corporate Governance: Law, Economics and Politics (Jr., Sr.)
The Political Economy of Migration (Jr., Sr.)
The Economics of Migration (Jr., Sr.)
Law and Economics of International Trade (Senior seminar)
Trade, Income Distribution and Growth (Senior seminar)
The Domestic Political Economy of International Trade (Senior Seminar)
The Domestic Political Economy of Immigration Policy (Senior Seminar)
The Political Economy of Globalization (Senior Seminar)