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Old Murphy Institute Conferences

2000: Political Economy of Migration Conference, click here

2001: Political Economy of Policy Reform Conference, Click here .

Joint Murphy Institute-GEP Conferences

2002: Adjusting to Globalization Conference, Click here.

2003: Political Economy of Policy Transfer, Learning and Convergence Conference, Click here.

2004: 100th Anniversary of Antidumping Conference, Click here.

2005: Political Economy of Fairness and Globalization Conference, Click here.

2006: China and the World Economy Conference, Click here.

2007: New Political Economy of Globalization, Click here.

2009: Political Economy of Trade Policy in the BRICS, Click here.

2011 (resched from 2010): Trade and Finance Conference, Click here

2011: Global Migration: Economics, Politics, Policy, Click here

Joint Murphy Institute-EUI Conferences

2017: Economics & Politics of Globalization

2018: Global Governance?

2019: Future of Trade Governance